Read on if you like to save 75% water on irrigation, fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide while saving the environment by reducing runoff and percolation.

Water Saving Sand aka Liner Sand is an innovating and patented product invented by Rechsand for over 10 years ago. It might seem novel simply because it’s the first time the Rechsand products being introduced outside of the middle kingdom. All of the products have being market tested for years, they are either unique of among the best in their categories.

Water Saving Sand is not only unique but also our flagship product. It is versatile and eco-friendly.

A vital attribute of this product is it’s breathability. The dissolved oxygen in a natural pond is between 4 to 5 mg/L, and it can reach over 7 in our reservoir. Generally, the water depth of underground reservoir in sponge cities is 3 meters, the cover soil and the bottom plate of the floor are about 5 meters, preferably no more than 8 meters in total.