Water Dungeon

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Water Dungeon

Liner Sand has Two Main Attributes: Impervious and Breathability

It retain water yet allow air to pass through which are the two main necessities to sustain all life forms.

Air is the reason why well water is fresh, without is the reason water in plastic liner and catchment goes stale.

Another testimony is that plants grows much better in our breathable pot comparing in a smelly, leaking clay pot.

We use Liner sand to be paved at the bottom of the water reservoir instead of concrete flooring.


As seen on the large image, there are patented silica sand surfaces at the inlet and outlet wells providing filtering function. The storage tank volume ratio of the reservoir is about 80%.


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Water Reservoir, Liner sand, Rainwater Catchment   Liner sand, Rainwater Catchment

Water Dungeon | Water Reservoir   Water Dungeon, Water Reservoir, Rainwater Catchment