Create a Miracle in the Sahara Desert

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The Sahara Desert was formed about 2.5 million years ago. It is the second largest desert in the world after Antarctica. It covers an area of 9.06 million square kilometers and is the world’s largest sandy desert. Located in the north of Africa, the region has very bad weather conditions and is one of the least suitable places on earth for living things.

For planting rice in the Sahara Desert, everyone knows that it’s an impossible mission because rice is water dependent; it must have sufficient water throughout its growth. The Sahara Desert is very scarce of water, desertification is a big issue in the Sahara. Rechsand Technology utilizes advanced sponge paddy field technology to turn a desert into an oasis. This is only possible by using the breathable and waterproof technology developed by Rechsand Technology. Both are needed to solve water retention and rice growth in the Sahara.


Shahrah Desert Rice Planting

Rechsand “ecological sponge paddy field” technology

Rechsand’s “Ecological Sponge Paddy Field” technology, creatively adopts ecological and breathable water-retaining sand with independent intellectual property rights to create “breathable impervious ecological plow bottom layer” to form high-quality paddy fields, high-efficiency water-saving, fertilizer-preserving, and ventilating oxygen-enhancing. It increases the vitality of rice growth and prevents pests and diseases. At the same time, its “silica sand honeycomb storage water purification” invention is designed to build a 3-4 meter deep underground reservoir under the paddy field to collect and store rainwater. The technology creates a micro-environment of “constant temperature, aeration, and membrane”, which is conducive to microbial growth, self-purification of water bodies, formation of new water sources, water supply for the upper paddy field and recycling, which not only solves the problem of water shortage in dryland but also prevents soil erosion, flood disasters and effectively reduce agricultural pollution; thus creating the “ecological sponge paddy field” technology model of “groundwater field + underground water reservoir”.

At the China-Africa Cooperation Forum, which was concluded recently, Moroccan Prime Minister Othmani visited the Zhongguancun Exhibition Center and visited the Rechsand Technology Exhibition Area. Mr. Qin Shengyi, Chairman of Rechsand Technology Group, introduced the site: Rechsand Technology Group is dedicated to the development of the sand industry. Using desert sand resources, we have successfully developed more than 700 invention patent technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and applied them independently to “use sand to revitalize water”, “sand for agriculture” and “sand for desertification”. It is divided into seven major fields; it mainly introduces the representative of “breathable anti-seepage technology” and “permeable water filtration technology” using desert sand as a raw material; introduces the application of “breathable anti-seepage sand technology” to build paddy fields in the desert. The rice grown in the desert rice fields were displayed. The application of the “permeable water filtration technology” on the Zhongguancun Exhibition Center Square was also introduced. Mr. Qin Shengyi said that “Rechsand technologies can help African countries such as Morocco to make the desert an oasis. The desert becomes productive; Othmani said that Morocco hopes to collaborate with Rechsand Technology on desert ecological improvements. So, under the leadership of Chairman Qin Shengyi, Rechsand Technology Group begins making Rechsand paddy field to work in the Sahara Desert, helping Africa solving the problem of desertification, overcome this world problem. It really shows what China’s desert rice technology is all about!



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