Desert Plantation

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Desert Plantation

Planting Trees in the Desert

Project Name: Breathable Water Saving Sand

Characteristics: breathable for plant roots, save both water and fertilizer.

Uses: significantly improve greenhouse crop production and planting trees in the desert.

The steps of using Water Saving Sand in tree planting:


breathable anti-abrasive material

Advantages of Using Breathable Water Saving Sand:

1: Breathable: ventilation to the plant root ensures its healthy growth, a major feature of Rechsand Water Saving Sand is breathable.

2: Water Retention: while the irrigation water is retained, more conducive for planting trees in the desert.

3: Fertilizer Saving: because the water molecules remain in the roots, the fertilizer is therefore saved from draining

Significant Water-Saving: the use of Water Saving Sand, ensures the full use of water resources. Comparing with the traditional method of irrigation, 75% water saving is reachable, with drip irrigation technology ever more than saving. Water Saving Sand acts like a small water bag, the water is kept around the roots of the plant.

Planting Trees in the Desert - Desert plantation

Saving water 75%, the survival rate is close to 100%
Thousands of acre of the green demonstration project at Ningxia Tengger Desert:

Planting Trees in the Desert, Desert plantation

Xinjiang Hetian million acres of Water Saving Sand planting demonstration forest:

Planting Trees in the Desert, Desert plantationPlanting Trees in the Desert, Desert plantation


Rechsand Water Saving Sand is easy to use. Simply cover a thin layer of Water Saving Sand at the root area and then plant the tree, fill with water as usual.