Rechsand Liner – No More Synthetic Liner

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Rechsand Liner – No More Synthetic Liner

The dissolved oxygen in a natural pond is about 4-5mg/L versus reachable 7 mg/L using our Liner Sand. Nevertheless, the traditional pond liner blocks almost all air from under the earth.

Introducing · Rechsand Breathable Sand Liner

Instead of keeping a pool of stale water and for a better ecosystem choose our breathable Liner Sand. Installation can be as easy as spreading the sand around. For large projects, consider our Rechsand Liner which is embedding Liner Sand between fabrics at an optimum amount to save Liner Sand, greatly reduce labor and product weight per area.

Using the Liner Sand to convert an unwanted swimming pool into a fish pond would be a great idea too.


Using desert aeolian sand as raw material, we have developed a new type of environmentally-friendly breathable anti-seepage coil – Rechsand Liner, which has good breathability and anti-seepage performance, can effectively increase dissolved oxygen in water, and maintain water quality for a long time. Dryland and saline-alkali land reconstruction, high-standard paddy field construction, desert green planting, roof seepage prevention, river channel lake seepage prevention and other projects.

Rechsand Liner:

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