Desert Plantation

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Desert Plantation

Planting Trees in the Desert

Project Name: Breathable Anti – Frosting Material Used In Facilities Greenhouse or Desert Plantation

Breathable anti-seepage material characteristics: Can make plant roots 360 ° breathable, and water and fertilizer.

Breathable anti-seepage sand advantages: Can significantly improve the greenhouse crop production facilities or Planting Trees in the Desert.

The use of breathable anti-abrasive material:


breathable anti-abrasive material

Advantages of Using Breathable Anti-Seepage Material:

1: Breathable: whether the plant root ventilation will determine the growth of plants, Ren Chong breathable anti-seepage sand is a major feature of breathable, which ensures the plant roots of the full breathing, more conducive to planting trees in the desert.

2: Water, breathable anti-abrasive material is a major feature of water-saving breathable, that is, the gas can be free to shuttle the roots of plants, but the water will not penetrate to the bottom. This ensures that the water will not be lost, but the gas is free to shuttle.

3: Fertilizer, because the water molecules remain in the roots, the fertilizer is generally followed by water to go, the water is not lost to the ground, was breathable anti-seepage sand tight pocket in the roots of the plant.

4: Water-Saving Effect is significant: the use of breathable anti-seepage material of the plant roots of water will not be lost to the ground, which ensures the full use of water resources. Than the traditional method of flooding 75% water saving, drip irrigation technology more than 28%. Breathable anti-seepage sand like a small water bag, the water wrapped in the roots of the plant.

Planting Trees in the Desert - Desert plantation

Saving water 75%, survival rate of 100%
Ningxia Tengger Desert thousand acres of green demonstration project

Planting Trees in the Desert, Desert plantation

Xinjiang Hetian million acres of breathable anti-seepage sand planting demonstration forest

Planting Trees in the Desert, Desert plantationPlanting Trees in the Desert, Desert plantation


Ren Chung breathable anti-seepage sand use is very simple, that is, in the tree pit covered with a thin layer of breathable anti-seepage sand, and then plant species into, and then fill with water.