Breathable flower pots

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The breathable pots that are used in balcony agriculture, please visit https://bpot.us

Breathable pots characteristics: good ventilation, water and fertilizer, clean water

Balconies The benefits of using pots that will breathe in agriculture:

1: breathable water. Will breathe pots breathable rate of 85-89% or more. Very conducive to the growth of plants.

2: water and fertilizer. Water can also keep fertilizer, to prevent the waste of water and fertilizer. Make full use of resources.

3: breathable no roots. Due to the breathable properties, the plants are not rotten.

4: green safe. Pots after pony73 toxic substances detection, no toxic substances found.

5: super clean health: Ren Chuang breathing pots, because there is no hole at the bottom, so there will not be out of the soil, the use of the family is very clean and healthy.

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Balcony Agriculture Scenario:

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